About Biz gives you access to 107 data fields on US businesses with annual sales up to $20 million

Business Geographical Details

Research new business opportunities based on geographical location, so you can focus on areas with strong economic potential or strategic value. About Biz lets you find businesses by address, business name, legal name, phone number, fax, and more.


Primary Person Contact Details

Get access to the primary person’s name, title and email address, so you can reach out and make contact easily. This helps you to streamline the process of tracking down the business owners so you can connect.


Business Diversity Details

Target minority, veteran, female-owned if you are seeking opportunities in these areas, as well as business related to the government or education sector. About Biz helps you to uncover diverse business opportunities to get started in business or expand your existing business.


Business Firmographics Details

Find suitable businesses that may be open to acquisition offers using detailed Firmographic data including business legal status, employee numbers and revenues. About Biz lets you find the exact size of size and type of business to fit your wealth creation goals.


NAICS and SIC Code Data

Obtain information about a business’s industry, competitors and what generates most of its revenues, so you can build a complete picture of the market. Business data is classified by NAICS and SIC code which are the most commonly used industry classification codes in the United States.


NON-FI Marketing Pre-Screen Scoring And Business Modelling Attributes

Uncover distressed business takeover opportunities before other entrepreneurs using The Business Failure Risk Rating System, The Business Credit Risk Scoring System and Business Modelling Attribute that predict future behaviours of a business.


AboutBiz Training

Learn from anywhere, and at your own pace with our online training options. Choose from our range of interactive online training sessions run weekly by our knowledgeable experts or if self-paced is more your style, try our self-guided video tutorials.