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A New Opportunity To Create Wealth
From Business In Today’s Economy

Would you like to know how to find, take over and profit from distressed businesses with no money down in today’s economy?

Whatever the reason, there’s never been a better opportunity than right now.

The ageing Baby Boomer demographic, recent law changes, and the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic have created the ‘perfect storm’ for business acquisitions.

That’s why, for a limited time, I’m making my Business Turnaround Online Course available for ONLY $17, for action-taking entrepreneurs.

This course shows you how to use data from Equifax – one of the Big 3 credit reporting agencies – to quickly and easily identify businesses that are suitable for takeovers and fast turnarounds…

… so you can potentially grow your wealth and create a new income stream from business acquisitions in as little as 6 months – instead of the 2 – 3 years it normally takes to make a startup profitable.

The course is valued at $495. But the first 100 people to register can get access today for ONLY $17.
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What Will I Discover From This Course

online course
online course
  • Why There’s Never Been A Better Time For Business Turnarounds

    Discover why there has never been a better opportunity to take over established businesses for profit. And how you can take advantage of this unique combination of events to grow your existing business or jump into a new business opportunity.

  • The Different Ways To Grow Your Wealth Faster With Turnarounds

    Find out all the ways that you can use this approach to: A) get started in business without all the costs, risks and frustrations of launching from scratch, or B) grow and expand your existing business faster and with minimal risk.

  • How To Use Equifax To Systematically Find Takeover Opportunities

    Learn how to use Equifax to identify potential takeover opportunities before other people know they exist. And get a huge advantage in the market while also saving a lot of time and effort.

  • How To Structure Takeover Deals With Little Or No Money Down

    Discover 5 different ways to take over an established business including ‘no money down’ and ‘low money down’ strategies. You’ll learn the best approaches to take if a business is profitable versus distressed. And you’ll find out the lowest risk strategy if the owners still want to be involved in the business

  • How To Turn Around A Business For Profit In As Little As 6 months

    Find out how to quickly turn around businesses and start generating a profit – even if there are cash flow problems right now. Plus, You’ll learn from case studies of people who are using these strategies to create wealth and freedom right now.

What Will I Get When I Access This Course

online course

5 Core Training Modules:

Each module guides you through the exact steps to create income and wealth by taking over and turning around businesses

The Business Turnaround Online Quiz.

Make sure that you understand how to use these strategies effectively in real life by taking the interactive quiz at the end of each module.

The Business Turnaround Online Graduate

Complete the course and you will also get a printable certificate that gives you recognition as a Business Turnaround Online graduate.

Get This Course for Just $17 (Save more than 95%)

Real Life Success Stories

“I didn’t put a single dollar of cash into buying this business. How I structured was I used a combination of vendor and bank finance.”

Steve Gerken

“I had consistent cashflow from day one and to this day I have still no liabilities”

Giulia Tassone

“Taking over an existing business, the clients are there, they just ring up, they send an email, they expect their orders to be delivered ..that’s instant cash flow and productivity.”

Ben Trotter

“We wanted something that was simple, had been running for while it was making money and just needed some fine tuning and ways to improve.”

Mark and Leandra Hawkins

“I’ve got credibly good lease terms for the first six months while we build it back up and everything is negotiable.”

Amanda Bennet

“It’s very, very easy once you know exactly what you’re looking for and what you want.”

Douglas Durie

“It was just stepping on clouds because you know, it’s my longterm dream to have a business and turn it around and make it better.”

Bozena Sawa

“I just don’t think that owner had the mindset or has had the exposure, as to how, how to go about scaling the business from where it is.”

Leo Cooper

“Within a month we found our first business turnaround project. I can’t thank DGI and the team and the program and everything they offer enough!”

Lynda Lehmann

I had a Gross Profit of 91%

Troy Littleton

Get Instant Access for Just $17

Early Bird discount ends today. Sign up today to avoid disappointment

A Message From Our Founder

My name is Dominique Grubisa.

I’m a qualified lawyer with 27 years of experience and an award-winning entrepreneur.

As the founder of the DG Institute, I’ve also helped tens of thousands of people to grow and protect their wealth over the past 10 years. I’ve also hosted live events with Jim Rickards, Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Lawless, Jay Abraham, Dr John Demartini, Brian Tracy, Gary Vee, Hal Elrod, Ryan Holiday , amongst others.

But, it hasn’t all been plain sailing…

In fact, in my life, I’ve failed more than the average person. I’ve made many mistakes and lost millions of dollars in doomed investments, startups, takeovers and acquisitions. At one point, I ended up in so much debt that I lost the family home.

But eventually, I managed to ‘crack the code’.

Since then, I have started or acquired dozens of 6-figure and 7-figure businesses globally. And I’ve refined my process for taking over and turning around businesses into a step-by-step system that you can use even if you’re a very busy person, or you haven’t done this before.

Of course, everyone is different and there are no guarantees in life. But the big advantage of my system is that it is not theory. It is based on a combination of hard-won experience and my knowledge of debt law.

More importantly, there has never been a better time to use this system because of a unique combination of social and economic circumstances right now.

That’s why I encourage you to register for this online course now – before you miss out on this ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity.

Get Instant Access for Just $17

Early Bird discount ends today. Sign up today to avoid disappointment